Munich born Acrobatic & Juggling Duo Nik & Valentina have known each other since their early days at school and have been a couple since 1995. Since that time they have been through thick and thin together choosing to live as acrobatic performers. They are now based in Berlin where they have been working as a freelance artistic duo since 2006. Nik & Valentina attended the Berlin Circus School “Etage” putting all their passion and energy into graduating in Partner Acrobatics. They also hold extensive skills and experience in juggling, tightrope walking, free standing ladder, and various other disciplines.

“We constantly strive for the highest level of perfection with our performances. Creating delicate and technically demanding shows. With every show the audience gains a sense of our strong relationship and complete trust in each other. With this intense bond we are well accustomed to creating a moving atmosphere on stage.”

To get an understanding for yourself have a look at our various stage acts.

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